Lost Cat Rescue - Found cat reunion testimonials

Hi Kim, 
Thanks so much for your extremely detailed and helpful book!
Because of your info, my cat is found and back home! 
Tina, my xenophobic indoor cat, got out about ten days ago, right before a major snow storm up here. I found your website a few days into the search but didn't read your book right away. 
If I had she would have been home much sooner!  
A few days after the snowstorm, we spotted her in the yard. I went out and approached her with some treats but she ran off. 
After that proof that she was alive, close, and wasn't going to come back on her own I got your book. 48 hours later she's home! 
Thank you so much for giving me advice, hope and helping get her back even from halfway across the country.
Aleah MacNelly