Lost Cat Pet Detective for Austin Texas still available via Atlanta

If you're looking for an Austin Pet Detective for your lost cat, please know I can still help you even though I'm now headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

I do lost cat search and rescue in 46 states and 17 countries, so if you would like either a search or advice and a strategy, contact me via www.LostCatFinder.com for assistance!

Henry my search cat is still going strong and can be seen in action in a training video here finding a cat under a shed: https://youtu.be/L8v2q8aKomQ

Kim Freeman
Cat Detective

Lost cats found in Austin, TX

If you've lost a cat and need hope & inspiration to keep looking, check out these amazing videos of lost cats I've  found despite difficult circumstances:

Lost Cat Pet Detective YouTube channel

Kim Freeman / Lost Cat Recovery
"more cats found = fewer in shelters."

Lost cats found: Happy reunion stories of missing cats found in Austin --and all over the US.

I'd love to show you the hundreds of lost cats I've found over the years here, but it would mean doubling the efforts of my Facebook page! 

So please come see the happy reunion pictures, videos + stories on my "Lost Cat Finder Pet Detective" Facebook page at:


If you need help, inspiration, tips or guidance finding your lost cat, visit my main website at www.LostCatFinder.com

Here's a preview of what you'll find on the Lost Cat Finder "happy reunions" page:

A few of the many Lost Cat Finder happy reunions!

Cat Behavior Expert

"Why does my cat do that?"
For anyone in need of some expert cat behavior advice, check out Dr Kim Kendall -- one of the world's leading veterinary experts in "Feline Friendly Care (www.felinefriendlycare.com) and behaviour. She also runs in Sydney, Australia, home of Cafe Purrfection, the world's first ethical cat cafe where it's all about the cats, not the coffee (or humans). Check out http://thecatpalace.com.au and www.felinefriendlycare.com

Dr Kendall is now my GO-TO cat lady for when we get a lot cat home and have behavior issues, reacquainting issues and calming down after being lost and starving. Her advice works, plus she has that cool Aussie accent to boot!

Lost Cat Finder: International Pet Detective based in Austin

Hi! Looks like you've landed on my local blog page (which has now been updated to a national website). Also new: a Facebook page where I log my cases and happy Lost Cat reunions. Please come Like and let me know if you need my help.

Kim Freeman, Pet Detective

Lost Cats Found Facebook Pag

Austin Lost Cat Finder Pet Detective interviewed on KEYE morning news

After helping Erica Brennes (the traffic reporter on the local news) find her missing cat Skittles, KEYE contacted me to do a feature  on the morning news.

Here's the "Lost Cat Finder"  interview, held onsite at 6am on a rainy Austin morning. Apparently, I am now dubbed, "the Cat Detective."

Lost Pet Finders - Lost and found cat tips on KXAN "My Pet" Segment

"Help me find my cat!" Yes, that's what I do as a pet finder for lost cats. I'm a pet detective in Texas, based in Austin and offer missing cat tips & coaching to lost cat owners all over the country.