Cat seen falling out of owners vehicle is found nearly 2 months later!

This handsome orange cat Wally was napping in his owners vehicle when she left to run an errand. She had no idea he was up in there until she saw this:

To her shock, her rearview camera showed an orange blur drop out of the car, tumble in the road and scramble to safety on a nearby street.

Wally was found with the help of the Lost Cat Finder guidance from afar plus help from Austin locals like Shawna who picked dup a lot of my methods when she lost her cat years ago.

Happy ending for all and Wally is home. He did break a leg, and his claws were shredded but he's alive and safely back home! 

Here's a note from the cat's owner a month later:

"Wally is doing well.  Slowly gaining back the weight he lost.  He did break a back leg pretty badly.  We think it was when he fell out of the truck based on how much it had healed by the time I found him 45 days later.  I will try to attach a pic of the x-ray here.  All of his nails were really worn down too.  I think he must have used them a lot getting out of the sewer drains and worn them down on the concrete.

The vet did talk about maybe having to amputate his broken leg given how awkwardly it healed while he was lost.  BUT in the last six weeks he has managed very well with his gimpy leg and we think he just might be able to keep it!!  Yay!!

Please tell anyone who loses their cat to not give up!  Contact the Lost Cat Finder! I was close to giving up every week, but I just kept thinking of Wally out there wondering why I hadn't come to pick him up yet, so I had to keep trying.  Even Shawna was starting to pull all of the feeders and cameras because there had been no sightings.

It still amazes me that I got him back after 45 days!!!


Why you should still use Craigslist for Austin lost pets.

 Many owners looking for a lost pet ask why I still recommend using Craigslist Austin Pets when there are so many Facebook groups now for lost and found pets.

Yes, I know Craigslist can be fraught with scammers and people who might try to take advantage of a bad situation, but there is one very good reason to still use Craigslsit.

Becasue whether in Austin or elsewhere in the country, when the typical person finds a pet and look up "lost pets near me" they are going to check CRAIGSLIST first to see if anyone has reported the pet missing.

Craigslist for Austin Lost Pets is key.

The finder is likely to check Craigslist first -- and may not check it a second time.

 So get that LOST PET photo up immediately so if your pet is found, their picture and your contact info is THERE and ready for the finder to see and call.

You see, Facebook lost pet groups and Pawboost pages are about 90% made up of people who have posted their own lost pets over the years. Most drift away after the pet is found so the big numbers are misleading.


As of 2020, Pawboost is basically showing your cat's post to other pet owners with lost pets at the moment who are already on Pawboost. They post your pet on their Pawboost page: so the chances of a person who finds your cat aware of or intentionally checking Pawboost or other social media companies who make millions by guilting owners into paying to "boost" a picture are not on the radar of the average Joe. They get your email address after luring you in with a "free poster" and like many sites who make their fortunes by giving away something free, they will capture your email address and bug you until you pay them for their "Most Popular Plan." first.

Even if you buy a plan, there is more upsell on the way. Most of the people who are seeing the photos they post are the other people who  have paid them to post or "boost" lost pets over the years. This is how they can claim such a large "rescue squad" It's all the people who have lost pets in the past and given them their email adress.

Basically, their "rescue squad" is their former clients.

I am not saying you should not use social media. It has helped get many pets found, especially dogs. I am just saying do not rely on it or the false sense that it is some magic tool  reaching as many eyeballs as they claim.


Everyone knows about Craigslist, and it's the first place most check when they find a lost pet.

Make sure your lost pet is posted there. 

NOTE if anyone claims to have found your lost cat or dog, DEMAND a photo immediately. And it probably goes without saying but when you have a lost pet,  never never give out your home address.

These days the Craigslist for Austin pets and cities all over the country can get jammed full of other companies advertising more ways to get money from pet owners for posting "amber alerts." Just know they are violating community guidelines and clogging up space where actual lost pets should be posted and seen.

Unless someone has personally found at least 12 lost cats on their own (or is willing to learn professional pet finder techniques and go out crawling on their knees and searching, I would take all their claims with a full shaker of salt.

Nothing replaces knowledge when it comes to lost pet behavior, especially for a cat search.

This is why I do what I do. Teaching people the actual methods designed for cats -- not dogs -- is what gets them found.

In my opinion, Finding Rover and Pawboost are possibly designed for dogs who roam where people see them and can get a photo and get concerned.

Cats keep their cool. Lost stressed cats rarely roam around greeting people out in the open and even when they do, most people do not think twice or get concerned unless the cat is near starvation and crying for help. on't let it get to that point.

Please I beg you, if you have a lost cat, post their photo on the Austin Craigslst for lost pets!

Then post on your Next-door.

Then call me or visit for the most efficient use of your next three hours.

I will step you through how to Search smart in those first 48 hours. I will show you how to make use of the techniques I've developed over the 9 years I've found cats full time.

And I will celebrate with you when your cat is found, even when Pawboost takes the credit.

Kim Freeman

Lost Cat Search & Rescue

"the Pet Detective for Cats"

Cat up a tree missing nine days is home!

Allison sent the good news this morning. So relieved she found me and requested some custom Lost Cat Finder advice!

Albert is doing well - he lost a little weight, his nails are a bit frayed and broken, and he has a small scratch on one of his paw pads. Other than that, physically he is fine. 

He was spooked at first and it took him a while to stop meowing and pacing around the house. He eventually settled down and took a long nap on our bed and spent his waking hours jumping into view on all of my video conference calls during the workday. My colleagues who were aware of his disappearance shared my excitement that he had returned.

 I had heard from other neighbors that those dogs snatched another cat in the neighborhood that same week and killed him. Needless to say, I was worried that Albert had suffered the same fate and I was putting off going to the owner of the dogs' property to search because he's known to be a very intimidating man that carries a gun and doesn't have much remorse about his dogs getting loose and causing trouble. BUT my parents swore that the dogs hadn't come back that night after Albert ran up the tree and none of the neighbors I asked said that they had seen / smelled any other dead cats since his disappearance.

 The last several days I was thinking about how heartbreaking it would be for us to return to our home in Philadelphia without Albert, knowing that he might be lost in another state and never getting closure. I'm so grateful that he made his way back home and I'm still in disbelief!

Your materials gave me a boost when I had hit a low point during my search. I was feeling helpless and was not getting much support from my husband or family about searching further. Thank you again for your support and guidance, I can't express how appreciative I am.

All my best, 

On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 11:53 AM Kim the Cat Detective <> wrote:
Thank you for the wonderful sweet photos with Albert, Allison!
I am SO HAPPY he is home. I always worry when there are loose dogs as it only takes two to go into pack mentality.

Hurrah! So happy for you both :-)


Kim Freeman
Lost Cat Search & Rescue




Tips for your cats during Covid -19 Corona Virus Quarantine

Guest post from Cat Consultant, Lana Fraley Rich.

You and Your Feline during the Corona Virus Quarantine

Most of us are spending a lot more time in our homes than we ever have. 
 I was thinking about how important my home environment is and how it impacts my quality of life. Then, it hit me. My 2 indoor feline family members have spent their whole lives at "home"  (except for checkups at the vet).  They don't go to work, the grocery store, the park or run errands, see friends or go on vacations.  They stay home all the time!  
Maybe during this time, we can get a glimpse of what that reality feels like.
While I am aware of the necessity of proper feline environmental enrichment, I am now even more committed to emphasizing the role it plays in the quality of life for our feline family members.  There are things which are extremely important every cat home should have AND there are things which should not be in any cat home!
·       All feline-friendly homes need to have multiple high places so cats can be "up" because in the wild, trees are where they go to feel safe.  Tall, sturdy cat trees or proper, safe wall ledges work great.  Even the top of a refrigerator, top of kitchen cabinets or a shelf on a tall bookcase will do.
·       Our feline friends need safe cat toys!  Rotate the toys regularly to prevent boredom.  Remember, cats don't usually hunt plastic in the wild!  Email me for a list of great cat toys!
·       Cats need at least one high-intensity work-out every day—with you—not chasing the other cats, etc.  You are probably seeing more people out walking their dogs than ever now.  Cats need to exercise too!  Outdoor cats spend 4-6 hr./day hunting.  Our indoor cats have the same innate need to "hunt." I call it "Playtime"! It is a MUST!
Should NOTS
·       Avoid access to any string, rubber bands, hair ties, etc. that could be swallowed. Prevent an expensive surgery or worse.
·       Avoid using any scented candles (even if you don't burn them), "wick sticks", plug-ins, sprays or scented cat litter.  These products are designed for OUR noses!  Most of these products contain artificial scents which could be carcinogenic.  And, our feline family members have a much stronger sense of smell so these products are irritating to their noses and their respiratory tract.
·       Avoid liquid or spray disinfectants containing phenol (Lysol, PineSol, etc.) as it is extremely dangerous for cats –and dogs.  It can cause serious liver damage—or worse!  Our pets can pick it up on any surface with their paw pads. Even the fumes can be dangerous.  There are several better effective—and safe—alternatives to clean and disinfect our homes.
If you are seeing new cat behaviors you never noticed before, now is the ideal time for a professional and  personalized cat behavior consultation. You are home and have more time to implement your treatment plan!

The Catsultant® can help you via FaceTime/Skype/Zoom to provide a virtual in-home cat behavior consultation. This includes a customized treatment plan and a 30-day follow-up period.
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Catsultant and Catsultation are registered trademarks of Lana Fraley Rich

Lost Cat Finder and search cat Henry featured in CATSTER magazine

For anyone who does not know about Henry, he's the Silent Partner at Lost Cat Finder.

Henry and I are featured in the April/May issue of CATSTER magazine for our work as pet detectives finding lost cats. Such an honor!

The Pet Finder for Lost Cats

"I'll take "How to Find a Lost Cat" for 25, Alex."

"If my cat was lost and I heard about someone who could  improve my chances —how is that even a decision?"
- - Karin Heckl
Finalist on Jeopardy

How I became a Lost Pet Finder for lost kitties

When people ask why I became a lost cat finder, I tell them about my own missing cat who disappeared when I lived in Canyon Lake in 2008.

There are a lot of myths out there about missing kitties and I had heard them all.

But I also got met with very disappointing indifference and plenty of comments like "a coyote killed your cat" which seems to be the go-to assumption in Texas.

Despite no support or help from friends and family, I DID find my (neutered and microchipped) lost cat, and he was NOT injured by a coyote, not looking for a girlfriend, and not able to "come home when he gets hungry: My missing cat was trapped in a metal shipping container on a ranch next door.

My missing cat would have died if I had not begged to mean, unfriendly neighbors, to let me search. Even the ones who said no saw my emotional state and said they would "check around" so as hard as it was to approach people when I was in such despair, I leaned it is ABSOLUTELY KEY, especially with a lost outdoor i.e., allowed outside access cat.

I also learned to never assume ANYTHING or give up too soon when there's a chance your cat's life is hanging n the balance of your efforts.

So THIS is why I am a pet finder for lost kitties, AKA a pet detective for lost cats.

I remember how it feels.

I remember the lame advice.

I remember how alone it feels when friends tell you to move on.

But I ALSO remember the joy when my cat, Mister Purr was found ALIVE.

New contact for Lost Cat Finder

New phone number for Kim, the lost cat finder: 

Service options as of September 2018:

$25 Instant download on-demand video tutorial + ebook (82 pages). Guaranteed. Refund available if the cat is not found in ten days.

$50 For a quickie consult, perfect for those who have already skimmed the booklet but don’t need the full Lost Cat Profiling.

$250 LOCAL SEARCH & RESCUE In-person Lost Cat Search & Rescue cases are $250 for a local Atlanta/Decatur on-site search. This includes lost cat flyers, posters, and my boots-on-the-ground search with neighborhood interviews.

$500 Out of-State Search

In-person search for lost cats out of state or beyond a 3-hour drive. Includes video + book as well as tasks like distributing lost cat flyers, creating neon “ Lost cat posters” plus door-to-door interviews, getting your neighbor’s permission to search their yards, garages, and sheds to find your lost cat. No stone left unturned using my personal experience, equipment and resources to find your missing cat even if you’re at work or traveling.

Details on the Cat Detective services are at

Purrs & Peace,

Kim and Henry

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