Lost Cat Pet Finder: "How to find a lost cat?"

Lost cat? Immediate action is key.
Don't wait for your missing cat to come home––start looking immediately. Post a Craigslist ad immediately and place giant  florescent "Lost Cat posters"  within a 3 block radius. Don't put food outside unless it's in a humane trap with a wildlife camera to know whether your cat is nearby. Contact a professional "cat detective" while the trail's still fresh. Read up on all the best techniques in "How to Find a Lost Cat" here. 

If you found a lost cat near Austin, Texas or anywhere in the country, get them scanned for a microchip. You can get this done free for a lost or found cat any PetsMart store, vet clinic or at Austin Animal Center on Levander Loop. If the cat has a microchip number, participating pet recovery services will determine the registry then contact the owner. Meanwhile, use this: AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool