Lost cat hiding places

Lost cats are not always lost---a missing cat may be hiding in silence, to fearful to come out if he was chased out of his usual territory. Indoor cats usually hide close to home, whereas missing outdoor cats may not have been able to come home if they are trapped in a garage or shed somewhere.

Here are some photos of very typical lost cat hiding places to give you additional ideas on how and where to search. Be sure to check inside the house carefully in case they are stuck behind furniture or in a caved-in box under the bed. For a full guide on how to conduct a successful search for a lost cat, get the instant eBook, How to Find your Lost Cat here.

under sheds and decks are very popular for lost cats. Look for snagged  fur fibers as a clue.

Computer work areas are popular hiding place for cats

Always check under and in your furniture
In winter especially, check under hoods, up inside well wells and car undercarrigae: axles and tie rods.

Under decks and houses/sheds are a favorite lost cat hiding place
Do you have one of these near your house?

Storm drains are very popular for lost cats to hide and stay warm in winter, cool in summer

Always check around the house first

double check under stairwells and holes in walls

Sometimes they are just napping in a drawer

Sometimes lost cats know the way home but are too afraid to come out

Any place you can fit your fist, a cat can squeeze into so check every crevice

...including pipes and chimneys