Lost Cat Poster example

An example of the large florescent posters we recommend for a 
Lost Cat Search Campaign

Poster is ~ 2 feet x 3 feet BIG to get noticed.

Ideally, you would use two clear sleeves side by side: 
one with full-page color picture of your missing cat 
and the other with cat description and your phone number.

We now use Coroplast for our LOST CAT posters so they're weather and rainproof.
Our printer adds grommits to the Clorplast boards make them easily Zip tied to posts. 

These LOST CAT posters are ideal for a LOST CAT SEARCH 
as they're very durable and reusable by simply adding new info in the center.

 plywood Lost Cat Sign painted orange
Back view: use zip ties to secure 

To make LOST CAT FLYERS to hand out to neighbors
(and newspaper delivery people who are out when your missing cat is likely to appear)
print a color photo of your cat & info on  81/2 x 11 sheets.

Here's an example of a Lost Cat flier:

Specific directions on Lost Cat Posters and Missing cat flyers in my e-book: How to Find a Lost Cat found available here.

Please put up those giant posters and do not give up on your cat!

Kim Freeman
Lost Cat Finder

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