Lost Cat Finder: Austin TX Pet Detective


I'm an pet detective trained in lost cat search & rescue, animal tracking and the science of lost cat behavior. I'm the only certified Missing Pet Partnership "Pet Detective" in Austin Texas. 

I'm available 24/7 to help people with missing cat situations, from in-person "cat detective" searches to email petfinder advice, shelter searches--even making and distributing lost cat posters & flyers. 

My goal is to provide lost cat owners with the right information tools and techniques to track down a missing cat. I also offer a search guide on "How to Find a Lost Cat" for people in and outside the Austin area. This e-book has helped people all over the world recover their missing cats!

Texas Pet Detective Services
If you book me to handle an entire Lost Cat Search campaign, the charge from start to finish is $500. This includes everything: poster + flyer creation/distribution, interviewing neighbors, searching crawlspaces under houses and sheds using tools and gear, visiting animal shelters and local vets--a complete and detailed, physical search for your lost cat.

If you're able to create and hang your own giant posters, visit area vets and shelters, and distribute hand flyers to neighbors while getting their permission for me to bring equipment and search their yards and sheds, the rate for a two hour search is $250. 

You obviously care a lot about your cat if you're here seeking professional advice based on the science of lost cat behavior. I've studied thousands of cases of lost cats: what missing cats do, how they travel, and what works to get them found.

This is not something the general understands how to do. It only makes sense to  hire a professional or, at the very least, watch my tutorial video, How to Find a Lost Cat.

Kim Freeman   /   Texas Pet Detective
based in Austin TX

Lost Cat Search Strategy Coaching  $100

Get an email consultation and Profile analysis with your copy of the petfinder e-book "How to Find Your Lost Cat" for custom search tips based on your completed Lost Cat Profile. Combining  your cat's Profile results + probability theory, I coach you on where to put your efforts at each integral stage of the search for your lost cat. 

Full Search and Rescue  $500 
This is the full campaign and includes everything from the "How to Find Your Lost Cat" Search Guide booklet, a custom Lost Cat Profile Analysis and coming in person to your house to examine all areas for clues and key hiding places you may have overlooked using my special heat sensitive technology and cat recovery equipment.

This includes a 4 hour plan together, starting with a one-hour consult analysis, plus 3 hours searching your neighborhood: interviewing neighbors and getting permission to examine under houses, decks, and sheds using my "pet detective" equipment searching yards, garages and sheds where your cat could be trapped. No stone left unturned using high-tech equipment and every resource available to find your cat while you're at work or traveling.


Austin pet detective, Kim Freeman, website at www.LostCatFinder.com To request a consultation contact her via her website at Lost Cat Finder.

Lost Cat Pet Finder: "How to find a lost cat?"

Lost cat? Immediate action is key.
Don't wait for your missing cat to come home––start looking immediately. Post a Craigslist ad immediately and place giant  florescent "Lost Cat posters"  within a 3 block radius. Don't put food outside unless it's in a humane trap with a wildlife camera to know whether your cat is nearby. Contact a professional "cat detective" while the trail's still fresh. Read up on all the best techniques in "How to Find a Lost Cat" here. 

If you found a lost cat near Austin, Texas or anywhere in the country, get them scanned for a microchip. You can get this done free for a lost or found cat any PetsMart store, vet clinic or at Austin Animal Center on Levander Loop. If the cat has a microchip number, participating pet recovery services will determine the registry then contact the owner. Meanwhile, use this: AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool

How to search for your lost cat

We've studied what missing cats do when lost in order to learn the best ways of finding them. 

Now you can benefit from these studies and cases. Our "Lost Cat Book" gives you quick reference tips on how to find a missing cat, outlining action plans that work for each type of cat, the supplies you'll need, how to track your cat, and case stories of lost cats found...all boiled down into 65 pages for everything you need to find your missing cat fast. 

How to Find Your Lost Cat: Advice from a Texas Pet Detective.

Now you can get professional advice to recover your lost cat fast--whether you're in Austin, Texas, or anywhere else in the world.

The instant download of  "How to Find Your Lost Cat" and companion video is $25 at www.LostCatFinder.com

If you want personal help from a cat detective, request a custom Case Analysis of your cat's situation for $100 here. 

Let's work together to get your cat found quickly.

Missing cat search guide
instant (and guaranteed) advice  How to Find Your Lost Cat book $25

contact the Cat Detective at 

"Help me find my cat!" tips + lost & found pet shelter listing

"Help me find my cat"

Before assuming your cat is lost, check around your house with a flashlight--every corner, crevice and crawlspace imaginable. 

If your cat has definitely escaped, read the booklet "How to Find your Lost Cat to maximize your precious search time.

Take note of the list of crucial steps in the first 24 hours of a missing cat search and follow advice on the differences in how to find a lost indoor-only cat vs outdoor cat.  

Check the shelters in person
Take a color photo of your lost cat. Don't rely on lost and found pet websites, recordings or even a person on the phone. These folks are busy and make mistakes. Do it in person--or hire me to make the rounds. Check Craigslist for "Lost & Found cat" listings. Here is a template from "Get My Cat" to make a lost cat flyer: http://www.getmycat.com/lost-cat-flyer-template

National Lost Pet shelter site based on zip code:

The two main places in Austin your cat might be are:

1. CITY OF AUSTIN ANIMAL SERVICES (for Austin, Texas lost and found pets)

2. Austin Humane Society

Additional lost and found cat facilities:
Austin Pet Finder


Emergency Animal Clinic of Northwest Austin

12034 Research Boulevard, #8.
512- 331-6121
6:30 p.m. - 7:00 A.M. Monday - through Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m.
Saturday open at 8 a.m. re-open at 1:00 p.m. and open until Monday at 7:00 a.m.


Emergency Animal Clinic
4434 Frontier Trail
899 - 0955 
Fax 512 892-7811
Monday - Friday open at 6:30 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. the following morning. Saturday open at 1:00 p.m. and stay open until 7:am Monday morning.

Pictures of injured animals or animals in the Rabies Observation Area are not available to the public. There is a paper posted with a description of the animals inside Rabies Observation. Descriptions of the same animal vary wildly from person to person. Don't rely on a piece of paper! Be persistent and you will get into Rabies Observation.

Town Lake Animal Center Pictures Online: http://malford.ci.austin.tx.us/tlac/default.cfm
Stray, impounded and owner surrendered animals can be found in the stray building(Lost and Found) at TLAC).

Humane Society -SPCA Austin & Travis County
124 w. Anderson Lane 512 837-7985 

Travis County Animal Control 
512 469-2015  www.co.travis.tx.us

Bastrop Humane Society (512) 303-3924
Bastrop County Animal Control (Kill Facility)
589 Coolwater Drive
Bastrop, TX 78602
Telephone: (512)321-1963 Fax: (512) 303-6491

Brazos Animal Shelter:
http://www.shelterpets.org/ Phone: (979) 775-5755

Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society, CLASS, (No-Kill Facility)
2170 Old Sattler Rd. Canyon Lake,
Jan McLean jmclean@gvtc.com

Cedar Park Animal Control, (Kill Facility)
258-3149 fax 512-258-7917

LOST CAT SHELTER COMAL COUNTY (W of San Marcos, NW of New Braunfels)
There are two shelters in Comal County: Humane Society of New Braunfels and the City of New Braunfels Contact: Director Cheryl Krueger; Phone: (830) 629-5287

Dreamtime Sanctuary, (No-Kill),
(Certified Sanctuary by TAOS)
(rescues primarily farm animals)
Website under construction
Elgin Animal Shelter, (Kill-Facility)
512-285-9636 100 W. Cleveland St.
Elgin, TX 78621, Phone: 512-285-9636,

Galveston County Animal Control (Kill Facility)
'TEXAS CITY POUND' No web site
Pound's Hours: Monday - Friday 11-4; Saturdays: 10-1, 409-938-2282.
Address: 3414 Loop 197 N., just off Hwy 146 in Texas City;
Private citizen that may be able to help: Laurine LAURSKLEE@aol.com 409-945-9782

Georgetown Animal Shelter (Kill Facility)
(512) 930-3592
P.O. Box 409, 1107 N. College, Georgetown TX 78627

Guadalupe County Humane Society, (No-Kill Facility)
Margaret Svatek
830/372-2055 hours 10-2 Tuesday-Saturday
2484 Hwy. 46 N.


Thundering Paws Cat Sanctuary

San Marcos Animal Control (this is a Kill Facility--go daily)

Hays county pound/animal shelter: check for lost cats from Dripping Springs, Wimberley, Kyle, Buda, and Driftwood.
(512) 260-3602
(512) 260-7563 fax

Wimberley Lost and Found Cats
Hays County Cats
Emily Suzanne Carter
512 560-4791

Harris County Rabies/Animal Control (Kill Facility)

PAWS Animal Shelter, (Kill-Facility)
48 Hwy 150 East, Kyle, TX 78640 (512) 268-1611 fax 512-268-0557
Patti Rudick Director, paws@corridor.net
Stacy Lovell, vet tech for PAWS Shelter for Animals staicydawn@hotmail.com

*(Wimberley animals go to PAWS in Kyle, as do animals in Buda, also some from San Marcos county (non-annexed), some lost cats from Dripping Springs, and Driftwood. Hays County is about 700 square miles and there is no government-provided shelter.

LAGO VISTA (No-Kill Facility)
Lago Vista PAWS
Andrea Phillips President

Fayette County Animal Shelter
240 Svoboda Lane, La Grange TX 78945,
Phone: 979/966-0021

LEANDER (3 Facilities)
Humane Society Williamson County, (Kill Facility)
(512) 260-3602
fax 260-7563
Leander Animal Control, (Kill Facility)
200 W. Willis, Leander, Tx. 78641,
Phone: (512) 528-2800
Central Texas SPCA in Leander, (No-Kill Facility)
contact is: Misty Dawn Compton
fax 260-7066

Lockhart Animal Shelter (Kill Facility)
city metro number 376-3336,
fax 512-398-3393
city managed, Cheryl Walton

PFLUGERVILLE (Kill facility)
1600 Waterbrook Road, Pflugerville 78660.
You have to call the police department 512-251-4004 to deal with the shelter.
There is no organized lost or found list, so you have to keep on top of things if you lose an animal in Pflugerville.

San Antonio Animal Control 
Call (210) 207-6650 or 311

City of San Marcos Animal Shelter (municipal) (Kill Facility)
750 River Road, San Marcos, TX 78666
Bert Stratemann, manager,
Animal Services 512/393-8340
Friends of San Marcos Animal Shelter (No-Kill)
(512) 396-6180

S.A.R.A. Southern Animal Rescue Association (No-Kill Facility and sanctuary)
830-401-0280 ,
Tracy Frank Director

Guadalupe County Humane Society, (No-Kill Facility)
Margaret Svatek
830/372-2055 hours 10-2 Tuesday-Saturday
2484 Hwy. 46 N.
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Many of these lost and never found cats end up in cages, forlorn and confused because the lost cat got brave or desperate enough to approach a stranger who then assumed it was a stray and took to AAC. Below is Esa, a sweet, obviously former pet who was found in Bastrop and brought in as an assumed stray.

If your cat has been missing a while:
Never assume, and don't give up too soon!